Friday, June 3, 2011

Durango Cowgirl Boots

Do you know more about durango cowgirl boots, or maybe want one of them?
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There are many makers of cowgirl boots out there, some of them big names in the field. None of them are bigger than Durango. cowgirl boots of the traditional variety are fairly easy to find, if that's what you want, but boots aren't restricted to certain shapes and colors anymore, giving many more ways for any woman to add something a little different to her wardrobe without compromising her personal style. Given the choices, it wouldn't be surprising if you should find two, three or more pairs you'd like to take home with you.

So Many Designs
Forget about the usual image of boots. Just about everything is up for grabs when it comes to style today, without changing the essence or functionality that make cowgirl boots what they are. Consider a simple addition such as the harness, a bit of metal that wraps around the heel of your boot, adding that little extra something to your Durango boots. Often, these harnesses are even changeable, so you can fit the metal on them to whatever accessories you happen to be wearing that day.

The usual patterns of stitching and design on the shaft are also out. You may be surprised at how some straight lines, curving swoops, or little swirls on even the simple black or brown can make a vast difference. There is a certain Durango boot that exemplifies this concept, using many colored designs on shaft. The designs change smoothly from white, up to a lighter brown, then into a deeper brown, tangling and mingling with the other colors.

So Many Shapes
Designs are nice and certainly and certainly an important part of how Durango boots look, but they are not everything. Even the shape can be changed without changing the essence of a cowgirl boot - and even make them more comfortable. A slouched boot, for instance, combines a great look with the comfort of a pair of well-worn jeans. In fact, they would probably look great with a much beloved pair of jeans, should you possess such a pair. For that added cowgirl touch, consider getting those boots in distressed leather. You could be in the heart of the big city and still feel like a real cowgirl when you walk in these boots. If that's not enough, some styles even add fringe - a cowgirl classic.

And Colors, Besides!
Sure, Durango cowgirl boots come in brown or black. That can be your choice and they'll look great. You don't have to go with that, though. Try a brown suede shoe with a shaft colored in soft blue, like a robin's egg. Or a boot colored a unique red-brown shade that is a perfect balance between red and brown - taking the traditional and the contemporary to merge them into a very lovely whole. You can even stick to the traditional and just give the old white, tan, brown and black a little extra oomph. There can be little changes, such as making the black boot matte or glossy. Brown doesn't just have to be the usual medium brown when there are so many shades, all the way from pale tan to chocolate.